2013 CWIMA National Conference Day 3

We’re on the final stretch now…Day 3 of the 2013 CWIMA. Most of us are a little tired and sleep deprived but the excitement of the event and lots of coffee is enough to keep me going anyway!
12This morning’s session was a jam packed session with speakers and music. Author speaker Jennifer Kennedy Dean, executive producer of The Praying Network, was the first speaker talking about the impact of prayer in our lives. She told the women that Jesus will give them the desires of their heart as they let him transform their heart.


Singer-songwriter Rachelle Fletcher lead in worship. Also special music by Carole Brewer brought the house down with “For Such a Time as This.” Carole also serves on the CWIMA Advisory Board and is the National Director of the Local Networks.


Karen Covell was the morning keynote. She is the founding director of the Hollywood Prayer Network which prays for Christians who work in Hollywood. She said she started the network out of total desperation when she moved to Hollywood because she and her husband needed prayer. She said God put the same idea in the hearts of other people in the city as well. She now knows of 7,000 Christians and 15 active ministries in Hollywood. She said the culture is constantly being influenced by the media. It is the most powerful force out there…the most exciting mission field in the world. She said for each of us, as we walk outside our front door, we are entering our mission field.  She passionately urged the audience, “Don’t miss any opportunity for God to use you.” The Hollywood Prayer Network has 2500 matched partnerships of people praying one on one for people in the industry.


In Coffee Talk, Thelma Wells asks Danna Demetre what has impacted her life. Danna talked about how she was impacted by the worlds message about identity and image which resulted in bulimia and panic attacks. That fear and insecurity lead her to Jesus Christ. During that time, she called the only woman she knew that was a believer…it was this woman who led her to Christ. This was the beginning of her transformation. <br>
Ellie Kay, America’s Family Financial Expert who has appeared on 800 radio an TV shows, including CNN, Fox News ABC News, etc. She was the moderator of the Leading Experts Media Panel which consisted of: bestselling author and international speaker Deborah Pegues; author Lois Evans, wife of Dr. Tony Evans and Senior Vice President of The Urban Alternative; leading Biblical counselor and host of Hope for the Heart and Hope in the Night, June Hunt.
Lois Evans was asked social media changed the ministry of The Urban Alternative. She replied that God has provided increased opportunities through technology. When Facebook and Twitter came along, she had to adjust. She took her time learning but since the goal is to touch the world, she had a young group of experts who helped with the new technology. They are now using every stream they can find so the Word can go far and wide.


Deborah Pegues shared a story in response to the question “What is the funniest thing that has happened to you.” Deborah said she dropped her mic pack in the commode on a break before a TV interview!
June Hunt was asked what was the best piece of advice she wished someone had given her when she started in her media ministry. She replied that she never desired to be the head of anything. In the early days of her ministry, she would end up giving into people more powerful than her because of her feelings of powerlessness. She wished she had been encouraged to take the authority God put in her life to assume the role she had been given by God.


There were several outstanding workshops during the afternoon: Persistence and Tenacity: Successful PR in the Age of Digital and Social Media presented by Suzanne Niles and Kim Chaffin; Sound Bytes: Penetrating Words for a Powerful Impact, presented by June Hunt, Danna Demetre and Ellie Kay; Earn a Strong Income as a Spokeswoman presented by Ellie Kay; LAUNCH! Move your Film/TV Idea from Concept to Production, presented by Naima Lett and Lar Park Lincoln


During free time, women had time for networking, shopping or napping, etc. Although napping sounded nice to me, the adventurous spirit
in me insisted on going shopping. I was joined by Rosie Koebele and Carole Brewer for an outing to Sam Moon. This store takes “bling” to the max. I couldn’t pass up some super cute hats! We hurried back to glam up for the Gala Awards Dinner.
It was a wonderful evening. Everyone looked exceptional and the program was great.
The Exceptional Service Award was presented to one member of each of the 5 regions. Kristi Lynn Olsen from Midwest Region – Minneapolis;  actress x from Northeast Region – New York; Sheryl Griffin from Southeast Region – Nashville; Diane Gardner from West Coast – Hollywood; and Sharon Hill from Southwest Region – Dallas.


Kirby Anderson announced the Lifetime Achievement Award which was presented to Patricia Mauceri. After a 14 year soap career and 40 year acting career, she was faced with a moral choice that ended her role on a soap opera. She stated that God promised that her latter would be greater than the former. Patricia said, “God has gifted me and He is my greatest achievement.”


The Excellence in Communications Award was presented by Suellen Roberts to Carol Cymbala who directs the 280-voice Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and has won 5 Dove Awards and 6 Grammy Awards. Carol said life is a journey. She told the story of her teenage daughter who went astray and how their church, which has always been a praying church, had a special prayer meeting which resulted in their daughter coming back to Christ. She urged the audience not to give up on people they know who need Jesus. As to her accomplishments, she said she owes it all to Him.


Following the meeting there were lots of photos and last good byes. This was a great conference. Looking forward to next year as well as the regional connections on June 13.