2013 NRB Convention & Exposition – Day 1

Cheryl doing interviews for Christian Movie Connect

Christian Movie Connect descended upon the 2013 NRB Convention & Exposition in Nashville today with a light snow falling outside (beautiful). This is our third NRB…in fact CMC actually was born here in 2011 where we shot our first interviews. Isn’t it fitting that CMC should be bumped to the next level two years later at NRB! (keep reading for the details!!!)

The NRB Convention is a great place to network with professionals in your industry, learn and be encouraged. If you’re not familiar with NRB, check out my Examiner article here.

Cheryl interviews Gary Zelasko of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries for Christian Movie Connect

I started the day by meeting with the CMC crew, my good friend videographer Harold Hay of Media Missionary School and editor Kenneth Sutton, whom I worked with on “Flag of My Father.” Kenneth is also playing stills photographer this week as well. We got our game plan knocked out and then proceeded to our first interview with Gary Zelasko of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Ministries. Nice to see Gary again. He shared with us about his newest project “Hope or Hurting Hearts featuring the stories of Greg Laurie, Nick Vujicic and Jeremy Camp.

“How to Win a Film Festival” workshop by Wes and Amanda Llewellyn

I also managed to grab a workshop today with filmmakers Wes and Amanda Llewellyn entitled “How to Win a Film Festival.” They gave a lot of helpful tips to filmmakers. Here are two high points I picked up: (1) Write your script based on your resources and (2) treat your cast & crew well, esp. if you don’t have a big budget. He said to pretend you’re having a big party and shooting a movie at the same time. I like that and couldn’t agree more!

It was great running into friends…some I haven’t seen since last year’s NRB event. I was so neat to see a group of my friends from the Christian Women in Media Association, including Tracy Mitchell and Robin Bertram.

Cheryl Wicker with CWIMA friends

The General Session featured Pete Briscoe of Telling the Truth Ministries and Senior Pastor of Bent Tree Fellowship as well as Raul Ries, Pastor and Radio Host of Somebody Loves You Ministries. I also enjoyed the performance of Christian singer/songwriter Cindy Morgan and Andrew Greer perform.

The evening wrapped with an Industry Reception. There are options for various industries but i chose to attend TV and Film, of course. By the way, this is the first year NRB has officially included film as a category….good to see. This gave me a chance to make some new acquaintances with film people, including Nicole Abisinio of Gabriel’s Messenger Films. She has a neat project coming out soon that she will share with me in an interview tomorrow.

Now here’s the really exciting news…[drum roll]…Isaac Hernandez had spoken to me at the International Christian Visual Media Catalyst Conference in Orlando last summer about picking up Christian Movie Connect on Parables TV. It’s taken awhile to get this wrapped up but the contract was signed tonight at NRB. This is a huge opportunity for us since Parables is a 24-hour Christian movies network and is also aired on some of the largest Christian networks in the world as well. This will greatly expand our audience. So be looking for us soon on Parables. You can go to Parables.tv to learn more about how to watch.

Cheryl Wicker shakes hands with Isaac Hernandez after signing a contract with Parables TV


You can also watch Day 1 of the NRB Convention and Exposition here.