2013 NRB Convention & Exposition – Day 3

The Christian Movie Connect coverage of the 2013 NRB Convention continues…I started the day with a meeting with my good friend Kathleen Cooke, co-founder of Cooke Pictures and wife of media guru Phil Cooke. This was a rather informal meeting…for lack of finding seats, we sat in the floor and talked while I ate my McDonald’s happy meal!

Filmmaker Chip Rossetti interviewed by Cheryl Ariaz Wicker


We also had a couple of interviews today. I met Chip Rossetti who is the writer, producer and director of “The Accidental Missionary at the “Redemption” screening last night and slid him into today’s interview schedule. This film will be released later this yet by EchoLight Studios. I ran into singer/songwriter/film producer Steve Taylor in the hallway and nabbed him for an interview. Steve was a very popular Christian rock star from the 80’s (“I Want to Be a Clone”) and a record label executive (Squint Entertainment) and now the producer “Blue Like Jazz” based on the popular book by the same name. We also interviewed Brent Martz, producer of “Not Today.” This movie is about sex trafficking. It screened last year at NRB but is now set for a limited release to theatres in April.

Blue Like Jazz director Steve Taylor iinterviewed by Cheryl Ariaz Wicker (photo by Kenneth Suttong

Steve Taylor taught a film workshop. He talked about some of the challenges in Christian filmmaking and how he used crowd funding to film “”Blue Like Jazz on Kickstarter.com. He told the audience to shoot for excellence. “If you do a mediocre work and it sell, you’ll become cynical. If it doesn’t sell, you’ll be broke. However if you do outstanding work, you will feel good about yourself and you will inspire others to excellence as well.”

The CMC crew had worked up an appetite so it was time to grab a bite to eat. I went for my daily slice of pizza on the NRB Special! We were joined by Matthew who serves on the Film Committee of the NRB board. We philosophized about how to make a relevant Christian film until the dancing fountain started up which pulled me away. How incredibly spectacular!

Dancing Lights at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel

The official NRB activities ended with “Night of Entertainment which featured Dennis Swanberg, Chonda Pierce and Michael Jr. and the Nate Terry Band. I laughed until I cried. The comedians were all great. This was my second time to see Chonda and Michael Jr., however I’ve sort of lost count for Dennis Swanberg, especially if I count his sermons when he used to be my pastor at First Baptist Church of West Monroe…they were often quite funny too!

Comedian Dennis Swanberg hosts the Night of Entertainment

Chonda Pierce makes ’em laugh

Comedy by Michael Jr.

One big event I look forward to every year at NRB is the ICVM ice cream social. This is a super fun networking event for film professionals. It serves as an opportunity to introduce ICVM to NRB attendees and is sort of a reunion for regular ICVM’ers…but I missed it this year because of the comedy night. I’ll be there next year.

Watch CMC’s 3rd day at the NRB here.

Tomorrow is the last day. The schedule is starting to catch up with me but I’m not ready for NRB to end! More news tomorrow.