Alabama Police Officers and Civilians Pray for Rebirth of Christian Values in the U.S.

After this deeply divided election season, employees of an Alabama sheriff’s office came together in prayer for a rebirth of the Christian values, ethics, and morals that have gone by the wayside in the United States.

“It hit very close for us, and some of the important decisions our country faces certainly will be affected by the election,” said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin. “We’re not talking about who to vote for. We just want everyone to vote an educated vote and encourage the safety of our law enforcement in their choice of candidate. We believe that prayer is an answer to a lot of our problems.”

The group prayer was broadcasted live on Facebook and was lead by Sgt. Blake Robinson.

According to, Sgt. Robinson asked for a continued blessing on law enforcement officers across the country, following the recent killings of police officers in both Georgia and Utah in early November and the Dallas police shooting in July.

The prayer also blessed a group of horseback riders who were heading to the nation’s capital. The group’s message is that God is the only hope America has.

The public was invited and stood in solidarity during Election Day with the police officers outside the sheriff’s office. Both civilians and officers continued to pray as people cast their votes throughout the country.

Prayers were sent to Alabama citizens as well in an attempt to put an end to serious issues like crime, hate spewing, and drunk driving. On average, drunk drivers get behind the wheel impaired about 80 times before they are arrested for the first time and according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, there were a total of 5,398 alcohol-related crashes in Alabama in 2014.



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