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“Yellow Day” released on VOD and Special Screenings

Following a successful limited theatrical release, Vision Films has released faith-based family movie “Yellow Day” on VOD platforms in North America. There are also special community church screenings across the country, with DVD release anticipated in a few weeks. “Yellow Day” is a love story and spiritual adventure intertwined with beautiful animation sequences that give …Read more »

Filmmakers Infuriated After YouTube Takes Down Trailer For Christian Movie

It can be hard to reach goals and keep resolutions — only about 8% of people keep the ones they make on New Year’s Eve — but for the makers and actors of “I’m Not Ashamed,” a new Christian film, the goal of promoting their movie out was hampered through actions out of their control. …Read more »

Are Christian Films Becoming Increasingly ‘Epic?’

Some families bond over rollercoaster rides and corn dogs at the amusement park, others enjoy leisurely boat rides on the lake, and a whole 13% of outdoors enthusiasts take family camping trips to spend more time with their kids and spouse. We all do “family fun” in our own unique way. Some families wait in …Read more »

Faith-Based Christian App Now Available for Streaming on Apple TV

Christian Cinema, a faith-based digital content provider announced the release of their new streaming app this month. The app will be featured on Apple TV and will allow Christian families to stream their favorite movies and shows in high-definition (HD). According to Christian Daily, this is the first time Christian Cinema is releasing its library …Read more »

Former Football Player Set to Star in Upcoming Christian Film

Marcus Lattimore, a former star running back for the University of South Carolina Gamecocks football team, is set to appear in an upcoming Christian film in a role he was born to play: himself. Or, that is, a character closely based on Lattimore’s own story. The promising young football player was beloved by fans throughout …Read more »