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Off-Broadway Show Embraces Disabilities

In our current world where accepting people for their differences might seem like something that’s a little bit difficult, a new off-Broadway show is trying to help people understand. The new show, called Addy and Uno, opens the eyes of the viewers to characters struggling with disabilities. The family-friendly show encourages playgoers to be friendly, …Read more »

McBiopic Tells the Story of a Burger Joint-Turned-Global Franchise

Earlier this month, the Weinstein Company debuted its newest trailer for upcoming film, The Founder, a biopic chronicling a salesman’s efforts to grow a burger business owned by two brothers: Mac and Dick McDonald. The result, of course, was McDonald’s, the fast food empire which has franchised worldwide since its incorporation in 1961. Before McDonald’s …Read more »

YouTube Takes Down Christian Movie Trailer Without Explanation

Since 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, it’s probably safe to say that a number of Christian film enthusiasts have used the Internet to find a new movie to watch. Unfortunately for these spiritual cinephiles, they may have missed the trailer for the newly released film “I’m Not Ashamed.” Producers of the …Read more »

Illinois Church Expanding Christian Preschool and Church Lobby

In Mattoon, Illinois, a Christian church is expanding its preschool program. The Broadway Christian Church completed a 15,000-square-foot new addition to the school that has much more space for Sunday morning children’s activities and its daily Sunshine Preschool program. During a two-year period, between 2011 and 2013, roughly 4 million kids attended preschool. These kids …Read more »