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The Black Christian Entertainment Revival and Oprah’s New Show

At the same time that Hollywood is finally starting to take Christian films seriously (and by extension, the gigantic Christian audience), black Christian entertainment is skyrocketing. And when a new genre or trend starts making considerable amounts of money, Hollywood pays attention. The rise of black Christian entertainment has been a long time coming, and …Read more »

For This Earth Day Sunday, Animals Were The Primary Focus

Celebrated worldwide on April 22, Earth Day is an annual event held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Many people take everyday measures by recycling or driving hybrid cars, which produce 90% fewer pollutants than gas-powered vehicles. However, there are also Christian activist groups that try to do more to protect the planet. This year …Read more »

Christians Lending Aid to Each Other Regarding Health Care

A Christian medical home received a large donation, and health care ministries are lending aid to struggling Christians. In San Antonio, TX, The New York Times reports, Chris and Sarah Doyle found out that their health insurance deductible would rise to $10,000, so they “spent a couple weeks praying.” Samaritan Ministries International lent a helping …Read more »

New Green ‘Pro-Life’ Movement Causes Controversy Among Christians

When most people hear the phrase “pro-life,” they automatically associate it with the very specific movement or ideology that life begins at conception and that unborn children need to be protected. However, a new group has started an initiative that could cloud this distinction, and traditional pro-life activists aren’t too pleased about it. According to …Read more »