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New Green ‘Pro-Life’ Movement Causes Controversy Among Christians

When most people hear the phrase “pro-life,” they automatically associate it with the very specific movement or ideology that life begins at conception and that unborn children need to be protected. However, a new group has started an initiative that could cloud this distinction, and traditional pro-life activists aren’t too pleased about it. According to …Read more »

Underground Christian Movement Gaining Momentum in Iran

Historically speaking, 2015 was not a great year for Christians worldwide. According to a new report by Open Doors USA, it was actually the bloodiest year for the denomination in modern times. Approximately 7,000 Christians were murdered around the globe last year because of their faith. While things might seem bleak, there is reason for …Read more »

Trump Claims More Christian Leaders Would Support Him if They Couldn’t Lose Tax-Exempt Status

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has relentlessly pursued the support of Christian evangelicals throughout his campaign. Now, the controversial business mogul is speaking out against an antiquated rule that forbids Christian leaders from endorsing him. According to The Washington Post, Trump recently told the Christian Broadcasting Network that more prominent faith leaders would publicly endorse …Read more »

Domestic Abuse of Christian Women More Prevalent Than Previously Thought

A well landscaped yard may reduce allergens, such as ragweed, and a clean and decorated home can send a certain message to neighbors and visitors. But maintaining a perfect religious practice can be challenging — especially when subject to domestic abuse. Unfortunately, a “silent epidemic” of abuse of Christian women, including pastor’s and minister’s wives, …Read more »

Product Placement In Popular Media Isn’t Going Anywhere Anytime Soon

Product placement in television and movies is certainly no secret. In fact, it seems pretty clear that product placement has infiltrated every aspect of media, from behind the scenes interviews to gossip magazines. Peyton Manning’s post-Super Bowl 50 interview left no doubt in viewers minds that Budweiser was definitely what they should be drinking to …Read more »

Why Are International Chinese Students Filling Up Christian Churches?

It’s not at all uncommon for international students to come to America for an education. But according to the Christian Examiner, in recent years there has been a substantial influx of Chinese students flocking to America’s top universities and graduate schools in record numbers. In fact, as many as 300,000 Chinese students are currently enrolled …Read more »