Celebrating the Life and Career of Jan Crouch

Jan Crouch, beloved televangelist known to countless viewers as “Mama Jan,” passed away on Tuesday due to a massive stroke.

Crouch co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) with her husband, Paul, in 1973. Paul passed away two and a half years ago due to chronic heart problems, but before he passed, the couple was virtually unstoppable.

The couple spent decades on-air offering prayers, sharing religious testimonies, and participating in the network’s huge “praise-a-thons” to raise money for charities.

Since its founding, TBN has seen its fair share of criticism as well as major success. The network, according to Christianity Today, “broadcasts messages from preachers such as Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, and Benny Hinn around the world via 78 satellites and more than 18,000 television and cable affiliates.”

“[She] loved many things, but most of all she loved Jesus, and now has seen him face to face and has experienced his grace in fullness,” Crouch’s son Matt wrote about her in a family statement.

Though Jan had a full and beautiful life, her family was often plagued by legal trouble. One of the most notable cases was in 2000, when a writer claimed that Crouch’s 1999 film The Omega Code was stolen from her.

Seeing as the United States ranks ninth per capita in patents, it’s not uncommon for intellectual property lawsuits like these to be filed against powerful figures. But through perseverance, the Crouch family overcame many crises like this one.

Jan and Paul’s son, Paul Crouch, Jr., continues to follow in their footsteps. Recently, the Christian media specialist teamed up with Truli Media Group as their Vice President.

According to EIN News, Crouch “oversaw the expansion of the network’s global partnerships with cable and satellite companies, while frequently hosting TBN’s flagship daily show, ‘Praise the Lord’ as well as hosting his own daily show, ‘Behind the Scenes’.”

While Paul Jr. may not be working exclusively with TBN anymore, he is upholding his family’s strong sense of business and success. All the while, he continues to spread the message of Christianity and help other networks broadcast their messages around the world.

Though the passing saddens countless followers and friends, Jan and her husband can rest easy knowing their children are continuing their legacy.



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