Christian Entertainment Industry Facing More Success

With plenty of Christian-themed movies being released recently, as well as a highly anticipated up-and-coming musical, the Christian entertainment industry is on the rise.

On Wednesday, “Miracles From Heaven,” a film about a young girl battling an incurable disease, opened to just under $2 million. Anna Beam, a 10-year-old who has pseudo-obstruction motility disorder climbs a tree and falls off and into a coma. After coming out of the coma, Anna describes a visit to heaven, and all her symptoms are gone.

“Miracles from Heaven” is just one of many religious films that have been released this Easter season. As CrossWalk reports, “God’s Not Dead 2,” “Risen,” and “The Young Messiah” are all faith-based films that are seeing some success.

Senior media analyst for ComScore Paul Dergarabedian said the success of faith-based films can sometimes be accredited to the star power that is associated with them. “The ones that have star power seem to do better,” Dergarabedian stated, “Having higher profile actors who are known for being in secular movies tends to give them a boost.”

That very well may be the case for the up-and-coming faith musical, “Passion.” Tyler Perry’s name is attached to this musical, so the star power is certainly there.

According to Christian Post, along with Perry, Seal and Trisha Yearwood will also be involved in the musical, adding even more star power.

Christian films are serving as more than just entertainment for people now. Like the 3.5 trillion photos that have been taken since photography was first invented, these films are acting as wonderful memories for families as well.

In an article by Variety, the changing of the ways in which these films are made is resulting in newfound success.

Devon Frankin, a producer on “Miracles from Heaven,” said that “People underestimate how much the faith-based community and the public at large wants movies that can inspire and uplift them.”

Christian film directors hope that their movies resonate with many people. “My hope is that people go in, have a good cry, and walk out with a renewed sense of life and of the joy of living,” director Patricia Riggen stated. “I wanted it to be inclusive of all faiths and speak to non-believers as well.”



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