Christian Movie Connect Receives Podcasting Award at Stellae Awards

Christian Movie Connect podcast award

Pan Pacific Film Festival, CMC, Cheryl Ariaz WickerImagine my surprise to receive an email that Christian Movie Connect has been nominated for a podcasting award! The iPDb sponsored award is a fan-based award so YOU are the ones responsible for us winning. A super big thanks goes to all of you who have faithfully watched through the years and those of you who voted. When I learned, we had won, I struck out for L.A. to attend the Pan Pacific Film Festival and the Stellae Awards!


CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker and David A.R. White of Pure FlixCMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker interviews Alex KendrickCMC host and producer interviews Erin Cottrell


CMC heads to Stellae Awards



It was three years ago on July 27, 2011 that we posted the first Christian Movie Connect. Since that time, we have literally traveled from coast to coast attending film events and interviewing the personalities behind the movies. Now with 95 interviews in the can, the Pan Pacific Film Festival (PPFF) was one we had never attended. After all, Los Angeles is a little ways from Monroe, LA! But I had some free Amtrak train miles which gave me a chance to see the sights along the way en route. It was a super duper journey.

Makeup for CMC host before Stellae AwardsThe PPFF went “all out” on the Stellae Awards, but that fits since they are known as the “Oscars of Christian Film.” They provided makeup back stage for the hosts, presenters and awards recipients. I had already had my hair done that day but appreciated the makeup touch up…make me feel like a star! They Stellae Award hosts at PPFFalso treated the awards recipients to a complimentary VIP dinner. The hosts for the evening were the beautiful Jenn Gotzen, who changed clothes about 6 times during the awards ceremony and Dr. Drake Travis, who looked very dapper in his fedora on the red carpet. They were very funny together.


The RRecipe Men perform at PPFF Stellae AwardsEntertainment was provided by The Recipe Men. Wow, those guys can move! The Excellence in Podcasting Award was presented to me on stage. What a great feeling to hear them say “Christian Movie Connect” and begin playing the intro to the show as I approached the stage. It was a moment many of us dream of…to be standing on stage accepting an award for something you have worked very hard for! I decided not to bring notes but nevertheless, remembered everything I wanted to say. You can view my acceptance speech at the Stellae Awards here.

Cheryl Ariaz Wicker of CMC speaks about podcast awardChristian Movie Connect podcast award

Since I did not have time to enumerate all my thank you’s at that time to the crew who made it all possible, I will thank them here. These are professionals who have volunteered their time…some for only one event, and some ongoing:

Angie DeBlieux Bryan – Consulting Producer
Leah Waite – Associate Producer
Rob Skiba – Director
Donna Botts – Production Coordinator
Cortney Matz – Motion Graphics/Editor
Harold Hay, Patrick Rea, Jeffrey Worthington, David Nickel, Mani Sandoval, Tim Romero – Videographer
Kenneth Sutton, Rusty Hogue, Eddie Carillo, Arledge Armenaki – Videographer/Editor
Phillip Wade – Music Composer
Eric Lincoln, Gina Sheer – Photographer
Miranda Waite, Kristen Myers, Abby Taylor, Jeb Bennett, Mason Taylor, Keisha Johnson – Production Assistant
Cindy Navarro, Kim Renga – Writer
Charlotte April Co, Chastity Hebner – Administrative Assistant
Kelsi Guidry – Website Developer/Consultant
Jarred Keller – Graphic Designer
Special thanks to CDR Communications, Inc.

Cheryl Wicker's husband, Neill WickerThere is actually one person I forgot to mention in my acceptance speech and that is my sweet husband Neill Wicker who has supported me in so many ways while I’ve “pursued my dreams.” He is the best husband in the world and without his cooperation and help, CMC would not exist. I only wish he could have been present with me at the Stellae Awards…but I guess somebody has to work!


Of course, CMC was only one small award presented on the stage of the Aratani Theater at the Stellae Awards. To see the full list of winners from the Stellae Awards, click here.


Here are some additional photos from the PPFF:

CMC interview with actor David Shark FralickCheryl Wicker and Jenn Gotzon at Stellae Awards





CMC Interview with Stellae Award winner Bradley Dorsey CMC's Cheryl Wicker at PPFF






CMC at the PPFF




CMC at the Pan Pacific Film Festival

PPFF vendors Filmmaker Patrick Rea pitches his Leonard Night Salvation Mountain documentary













Photos Top-Bottom; Left to Right:

(1) David “Shark” Fralick with CMC; (2) Actress and Stellae Awards host Jenn Gotzen poses with Cheryl Ariaz Wicker; (3) Stellae Award winner Bradley Dorsey discusses Best Feature “Taken By Grace”; (4) CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker on red carpet; (5) and (6) PPFF attendees; (7) Documentary filmmaker and CMC videographer Patrick Rea pitches his project “Leonard: The Story of Salvation Mountain and Leonard Night”; Coffee break with Keurig at PPFF

You can read the PRWeb press release about CMC’s award here.

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