Christians Helping Families Rebuild Their Lives From Texas to Iraq

Christian individuals, couples, and organizations are helping rebuild communities from Waco, Texas to Ebril, Iraq.

Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper,” have been helping families find, purchase, and remodel new homes. They’ve been renovating homes around Waco, Texas for years and have recently seen their stardom increase.

“We were joking, ‘We’re like zoo animals here,'” said Chip, “‘We’re inside this fence and I think we’re the animals.'”

The Gaines have been renovating homes long before their hit TV show began airing, and according to Deseret News Faith, they actually planned on leaving the heavily Christian city of Waco to help people all around the U.S., but HGTV swept in and encouraged them to stay in Texas and help families on national television.

“It’s just such an honor to be in this position, and the opportunities, the things that come with this that we would’ve never dreamt of in a million years, I think certainly overshadow the fact that there are some downsides to this, and those are somewhat obvious,” Chip added.

The Gaines help homebuyers around Texas, 32% of which are likely first-time buyers, assisting struggling families with the move and renovations.

On the other side of the world, in Ebril, another group of Christians look to assist displaced Iraqi Christians who lost all their belongings to terrorists.

Iraq’s largest Christian-populated city, Qaraqosh, was overrun by terrorists in 2014. Christian families living in the city had to leave their jobs, their homes, their possessions, and their lives to flee to a safer place.

According to Christian Today, many families fled to Erbil and are safe there, but they continued to struggle because they didn’t have what was necessary to begin a fresh start in life.

“Erbil is unlike Qaraqosh,” said Hakim, a displaced Christian. “I used to have good reputation in Qaraqosh and people trusted me there. I have to build the same trust here.”

International Christian Concern is assisting these displaced Christian families throughout Iraq, helping them rebuild their businesses and their lives.

“Your organization did not know me,” said Ahmed, another displaced Iraqi Christian, “but you decided to help me. It’s really a blessing to come to know kind people.”



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