Christians Lending Aid to Each Other Regarding Health Care

A Christian medical home received a large donation, and health care ministries are lending aid to struggling Christians.

In San Antonio, TX, The New York Times reports, Chris and Sarah Doyle found out that their health insurance deductible would rise to $10,000, so they “spent a couple weeks praying.”

Samaritan Ministries International lent a helping hand to the Doyles by allowing them to opt out of insurance altogether. The ministry requires its members to help cover each others major medical costs as they come up.

According to the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, the average expense for someone visiting the Emergency Room was around $1,318 in 2009. Because of the Affordable Care Act passing in 2010, Christian families can utilize the services of these ministries to take care of their medical expenses.

Samaritan Ministries International assigns its member families to pay the medical bills of other members. The money is mailed directly to the families in need accompanied by a handwritten prayer or letter of support.

These sharing ministries are not insurance companies, so there is not a 100% guarantee that members’ medical bills will be paid. Members are advised to trust that God will provide for them. The ministries say that the system of payments is helping Christians fulfill a Biblical mandate to share one another’s burdens.

Another Christian medical organization is receiving praise within the community as well. According to the Daily Citizen, Christian Home and Rehabilitation Center accepted a recent $6,000 donation from members of the Waupun Memorial Hospital.

“We’re proud to help Christian Home and Rehabilitation Center as it works to achieve this noteworthy goal,” Robert Nagle, chief of staff and medical director of Waupun Memorial Hospital, said. “Waupun Medical Hospital and our providers are glad to collaborate to ensure that we are meeting our community’s care needs.”

These medical benefits are affecting Christians in various positive ways.

Kyle and Stefani Burkholder, members of Samaritan Ministries International, were forced to pay $6,500 upfront for their daughter’s ear tube surgery. They didn’t know what they were going to do and waited for what seemed like forever for help.

Stefani said, “About 90 days after her surgery, sure enough, the money did start showing up. It was with handwritten notes — every day it was one, two, three notes, and she was reading them aloud, and I found myself just crying.”

“I feel like I’m loving on somebody instead of just paying my premiums,” Sarah Doyle said. “There’s something different about writing my check to someone who needs it.”



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