“Courageous” beat big-budget films with impressive weekend premiere

"Courageous," starring Alex Kendrick, is a film about faith and fatherhood.

"Courageous," starring Alex Kendrick, is a film about faith and fatherhood.Sherwood Pictures has done it again! Its fourth offering, “Courageous” blew my mind for its markedly improved production values, with remarkable acting and great storyline yet again. No wonder it opened this weekend at No. 4 in the box-office nationwide, and the No. 1 new movie of the weekend. ”Courageous” topped other big-budget films over the weekend by earning $7,806 in per-theater ticket sales though it was shown on fewer screens as its competitors.

There most useful tip I could give those who intend to attend “Courageous” is — bring a box of tissues. Though this movie has lots of action and the typical Sherwood Pictures humor, there’s lots of drama too. In fact, I cried through about three-fourths of the movie. And I was not alone in the tears!!!

“Courageous” tells the inspiring story of four men who are struggling with the challenges of Sherwood Pictures' "Courageous"fatherhood while trying to make sense of their fears, as well as hopes. It stars Alex Kendrick (who also directed the film), Ken Bevel and Kevin Downes. As of this writing, “Courageous” has been seen by over a million viewers and has earned $9 million in the box-office on opening weekend.

As any kind of movie that creates a stir in the box-office, “Courageous” attracted a whole slew of feedback both negative and positive. Some critics from the mainstream media described the film as “preachy.” I agree it may be somewhat preachy; but the movie, if internalized, is a beautiful, inspiring and touching sermon that can change individual lives and culture as a whole.

"Courageous" follows the lives of four fathers trying to cope with their roles in their respective families and in the community.Despite a few criticisms, “Courageous” surprised a lot of movie buffs and critics. “Box Office Mojo” said the film managed “to fly under most radars” until very recently. It cited Sherwood Pictures as having impressively found a way to mobilize a huge number of church-going Americans who trooped to the theaters and even snapped up tickets for special screenings. “Time” was quite impressed by the fact that, while it only opened in a little over a thousand theaters nationwide, “Courageous” still earned the distinction of having “the top per-screen average of any movie belonging to the top 25.” The film also earned an A+ rating from CinemaScore, quite a rare feat really.

The weekend is coming up and what better way to spend it than to purchase those tickets, prepare that box of tissues and head to the nearest theater that’s screening this inspiring movie. Better yet, bring a friend. Not only will you be thoroughly entertained but you’ll be sending a message to Hollywood that there really is a place for these kinds of films. For more about the movie, visit www.courageousthemovie.com.