Day 1 at 2011 ICVM: A gathering of the Christian film industry’s movers and shakers

The 2011 ICVM Catalyst Conference officially kicked off today in Atlanta, Georgia. Morning events included the film festival, highlighted by special screenings of movies such as “Finding Hope Now” by Vertical Praise Productions, “The Guardian” by Cross Wind Productions, and “Clancy” by Grizzly Adams Productions. I was busy doing interviews during this time but heard some really good comments about today’s films.

Today, I was interviewed by Maralee Dawn for Passionate and switched places afterwards when I interviewed her for Christian Movie Connect. Maralee is a very talented and “passionate woman.” Besides being the host and creator of Passionate and a ventriloquist, she is also the host of an award-winning children’s television series, “Maralee Dawn & Friends.” A special thanks to Mr. Worthington for his great camera work and Allissa Holmes for coming on board impromptu as a photographer and production assistant. They are a very talented team!

It’s been exciting seeing all my friends from last year’s ICVM and other conferences. I was in the lobby when Torry Martin arrived. It was quite a site when he came in with his fully loaded cart. Now I may bring my whole closet when I travel, but Torry brought the whole health food store! And see how I got recruited to help him haul it all in? Too funny!!! It is hard to travel when you are on a special diet so I commend Torry for his dedication to a new healthy lifestyle! Other friends in attendance are Ann Ault, Isaac Hernandez, Francine Locke, Josh Murray, Gary Moore, Rosie Koebele, Bonnie Johnson, my roommate Jen Becker, and many others.

KP Yohannan DSC_1267-200x300The speaker for the dinner session was K.P. Yohannan from Gospel for Asia who talked about “Living as Jesus Lived.” He told attendees to make sure their intimacy with the Lord is so real that it governs everything they do—not to do things just because there is a need or an opportunity but because they know the Lord and are in tune with His will. He challenged attendees to have the same attitude as Christ: not to seek what they want to do but what the Father asks them to do.

A sumptuous dinner was followed by Popcorn Movie Night, an event where attendees are each given six minutes to showcase their work. This included movie trailers, actor demos and other videos. I gave attendees a sneak peek at the first episode of Christian Movie Connect, which will air the week of July 18. The evening also gave participants a glimpse of actor Josh Murray’s thespian talents with an unexpected Shakespearean performance! I also shot a video standup during the Popcorn Movie Night, which included man-on-the street interviews. You can view this interview here.

Tomorrow will start early with prayer and devotion by Michael Catt of Sherwood Baptist Church. Make sure to check back tomorrow… same time, same place. Over and out!

Captions (from top):

1. Actress Francine Locke (foreground) and Bonnie Johnson at the Actor/Screenwriter Meet & Greet

2. Comedian/actor/screenwriter Torry Martin arrives at ICVM

3. K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia addresses the ICVM attendees

4. Rosie Koebele and Gary Moore in a man-on-the-street interview with Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

PHOTO CREDIT: Alissa Holmes


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