Day 1 of ICVM in OHIO

Cheryl Wicker Introduce yourself

Early morning arrivals to the International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Conference in Cincinnati started the day off with prayer before moving on to 2 diffferent movie screenings, with a lunch break in between. First up was “Priceless,” starring Joel Smallbone of FOR KING & COUNTRY and, after lunch, the first viewing of “Heaven Bound” with Nancy Stafford, Michael Joiner, Torry Martin, and Victoria Jackson. The rest of the afternoon was spent with meeting up with old friends and introducing yourself to new people. This time to “Get Acquainted” helps build the relationships that bond our community.

Barbara Sunstrom & Frans Cronje

After a delicious meal sponsored by Frans Cronje (pictured above with Barbara Sunstrom), director of the upcoming film, “The Roar,” there was an opportunity to interview best-selling author, Tosca Lee! She had some great advice for creatives when working on a project.

Cheryl Wicker & Tosca Lee

Worldwide Faith Entertainment on Demand sponsored the Wednesday Night Popcorn Night. Instead of seeing a movie, we saw clips from or heard a description of 24 different films and projects. It is exciting to see what everyone else is involved in right now…especially sneak peeks at new movies in the works.

To top the night off, several of us joined in a Night Owls Networking Bridge Walk with Torry Martin. We walked across the Covington-Cincinnati Suspension Bridge. Bridges are not my favorite thing, but with good friends to pray with me and support me through it, the night ended on a victorious note as we enjoyed our time together. And, isn’t that what our community is all about? This will be a special ICVM Moment I will always remember.

Night Owls Bridge Walk