Day 2 at the 2011 ICVM: Christian film industry ‘biggies’ share inspiring vision

The second day of the 2011 International Christian Visual Media (ICVM) Catalyst Conference began with a morning devotion from Michael Catt, senior pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Georgia and is the executive producer of Sherwood Pictures’ acclaimed movies like “Fireproof,” “Facing the Giants,” and “Flywheel.”


ICVM MarkFincannonThere were lots of great workshops including the very high profile casting director, Mark Fincannon of Fincannon & Associates, whom I will be interviewing tomorrow, Friday. As casting director, Mark has more than 125 feature films, over a hundred TV movies and mini-series to his name, and has collaborated with stellar filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, William Friedklin, David Lynch and George Lucas, among others. Then there’s Kevin Miller, an award-winning screenwriter known for his well-received works like “Trunk” and the short “Though You Slay Me.” Also speaking at the conference is author and film executive David Balsiger who is co-partner of family-oriented film company, Grizzly Adams Productions Inc.


Cheryl Ariaz Wicker interviews Anne Graham LotzAnne Graham Lotz, the keynote speaker at lunch, was amazing and had an inspiring message for participants. In keeping with the convention’s theme of “For Such a Time,” she spoke about the signs of the times. She challenged the audience to “watch, work and don’t quit.” The daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, Anne gave a greeting from her famous dad and told us that he will be 93 in November. Although he has a hard time walking and seeing, her dad has a clear mind and is “sweeter than ever.” According to Anne, when Dr. Graham was asked once who was going to be his heir, he threw out his
arms to the audience and said, “You are.”


Anne_Graham_Lotz_speaks_at_ICVMThe “New York Times” named Anne, a best-selling author, one of the five most influential evangelists of her generation. I interviewed her after lunch and asked more about her upcoming documentary. It was such an honor to meet her and to be able to witness and experience the incredible impact she has made upon the world.

Another highlight of the day was seeing the director’s cut of “For the Glory” by One Voice Films, produced and directed by ICVM board member Donald Loew. The film is about “Golden Boy” Kurt Kuykendall (Jason Burkey) whose idyllic life turned into a living nightmare when his dreams crumbled into pieces. With the love and support of
his friends, Kurt found his faith in God and discovered his true calling. Well, I actually missed the film looking for my glasses which were lost. Found them shortly before the film ended!


Capping off the exciting day was an outing to Stone Mountain, referred to as “the largest exposed piece of granite in the world,” and a truly tempting barbecue buffet that wreaked havoc to my diet. It was a truly welcome break for all of us and a delightful stress reliever for me as we watched the “Yogi Bear” 4D movie, took the skylift to the top of the mountain, took lots of photos, enjoyed the train ride around the mountain and more. The after-dinner laser show was wonderful! What a truly relaxing time to bond with friends and make new ones!


Looking forward to another great day on Friday. Josh McDowell and Ted Baehr will be presenting workshops simultaneously. Oh, tough choice there!


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Mark Fincannon leads casting workshop (photo credit: Allissa Holmes)






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