Day 3 included a ICVM Field Trip to Creation Museum

Creation Museum, ICVM

Day 3 was an exciting day with seminars, interviews and a trip to the world famous Creation Museum!

Doug Jones and Cheryl Wicker
It was so exciting meeting and interviewing Doug Jones…who is famous for his monster & alien roles over the last 25 years. He may play some scary roles, but super nice in real life. Doug also led a seminar on “Acting from Head to Toe” and gave us an example of mime. I did not know he started as a mime and contortionist. Other seminars were Timothy Mahoney – “Why I Started a Micro Studio and 7 Tips I Learned Along the Way” and Dale Mason, Barbara Mudge & Edward Geach: “Finding Success in the World Markets.”

Kevin Downes

Kevin Downes spoke on “Finding Your Lane” during lunch, which was sponsored by Bridgestone MultiMedia Group. Then, we loaded up to go the the Creation Museum.

ICVM Field Trip
Creation Museum - Adam and Eve

Just a couple of photos to whet your appetite. Look for more on Christian Movie Connect and ICVM Facebook pages.

I missed the Bridge Walk with fireworks and other excitement, but had to spend some time prepping for the Saturday night Crown Awards finale! More to come tomorrow!