Doctor Strange: A Very Expensive, Theological Texting and Driving Ad

Texting and driving ads have become more sophisticated and expensive over the years, but none have gone to quite the lengths that Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” has. The movie may just be the most expensive texting and driving ad ever created.

The average driver spends approximately 20 hours every week behind the wheel, and that was no different in “Doctor Strange,” as the story of Dr. Steven Strange truly begins while he’s driving and (spoiler alert!) playing with his phone.

The entire movie follows Strange, a renowned surgeon in one of New York City’s top hospitals. One night while driving and looking through patient x-rays on his phone, he crashes, rendering his hands all but useless in an operating room and in every functional sense.

The movie, while venturing into other areas of theology and mysticism, keeps returning to the fact that Strange’s crash has completely altered his life forever.

Throughout the film, Strange has difficulty completing any task because of his trembling hands, but eventually learns that they’re simply a part of his life at this point.

However, texting and driving isn’t the only issue brought up in Marvel’s newest venture. In fact, it just may be their most theological film to date.

Christian director Scott Derrickson managed to pack the film with nods to theology and Christianity in particular.

Some lines in the film were borrowed straight from scripture, and a particularly Eden-esque apple even makes an appearance in a crucial scene from the movie.

However, perhaps the most Christian message of the film is the idea that “it’s not about you,” as Tilda Swinton’s character suggests time and time again.

While it’s fragmented, Derrickson’s approach to Swinton’s character mimics the journey of Jesus, who came to the world as a servant and put aside his own interests to achieve a greater good.

For some, it may be a stretch to say that “Doctor Strange” offers such a strong Christian message, but it does consistently address the fact that science may not always have the answers.



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