Faith-Based Christian App Now Available for Streaming on Apple TV

Christian Cinema, a faith-based digital content provider announced the release of their new streaming app this month. The app will be featured on Apple TV and will allow Christian families to stream their favorite movies and shows in high-definition (HD).

According to Christian Daily, this is the first time Christian Cinema is releasing its library of faith-based media.

“Curated from top Christian filmmakers, all these titles in one place is a cinema rarity,” said Bobby Downes, the company’s CEO and founder. “For a big swath of consumers, this is very big news.”

Users of the app will have the choice to either rent or buy content or watch a preview before making their decision. They will also have the ability to access their library from multiple devices, including their laptop, TV, tablet, and smartphone. Other compatible devices may also be used.

Along with access to one of the biggest libraries of Christian content available, the content provider also plans to offer more to customers than ever before. Through the popular site, Christian Connect will offer Electronic Sell Through (EST) along with Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD). This will allow users to build their own database of content from the videos they buy directly from the site.

While it is the first time working with Apple TV, this is not the first app for the cinema company. The company released an app in November of 2015 for the Roku line, which is the dominant leader of the streaming TV market.

Since 1999, Christian Cinema has been providing customers with the largest library of faith-based movies and shows. Users of the app will not be required to sign up for monthly subscriptions and only pay for the content they watch. Furthermore, they’ll have access to content before it is released to most subscription platforms.

The goal of the app is to allow families of the Christian faith and others who enjoy positive stories to watch content everyone in the family can enjoy. And considering the fact that only eight percent of users make up new passwords, odds are that you can borrow someone’s password to check it out yourself.



This article was submitted by a contributor, and is for informative purposes only. Any views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Christian Movie Connect.