Final Day of ICVM-Ohio

Prayer, Worship, Devotions, Coffee and Networking has moved more from getting caught up or introductions to a gathering of familiar faces of people who have bonded and are here to support one another. This was a shorter day due to the huge finale—The Crown Awards.
Kevin Downes
Kevin Downes led a seminar called, “But Seriously… How Do I Get My Project Made?” Lots of great tips!
Beverly Holloway & Claire Hutchison
Beverly Holloway and Claire Hutchinson led”Movies That Matter” and Marc Harper and Jared Geesey led the “Distribution Essentials” seminar.
Next up was Lunch with Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. This was co-sponsored by Parables TV and Crown Entertainment.

Ken Ham - Answers in Genesis
We followed that with a screening of the multiple-nominee film, “Sabina K.,” with director Cristóbal Krusen in attendance.
Daniel Knudsen project
One of the fun things about being at a film conference is occasionally you get recruited to be in a film project. Here Is a little impromptu cast & crew for a Daniel Knudsen project. I played a news reporter. Shocking, huh?!!! Lol!
There will be another separate blog for this year’s Crown Awards. Come back tomorrow for more on my reports LIVE FROM CINCINNATI!