Flag of My Father wins best narrative feature at GI Film Festival


FOMF_DevaneGiGi_HFaith-based feature “Flag of My Father,” now available on DVD across the country, was honored with the Best Narrative Feature at the Best of Film Awards ceremony of the just concluded GI Film Festival in Washington DC. One of the film’s stars, William Devane, was presented the Choice Award several days earlier.

As Devane accepted the award for his positive portrayal of a GI character, he told of his own veteran father and how that memory gave his role special significance. “This flag is my father’s flag too,” stated Devane. “Playing a veteran is a humbling experience and being recognized for this role is indeed an honor.”

Flag of My Father” in its DC premiere on May 13, was one of 31 films showcased at the weeklong festival held May 9-15, 2011 during the Armed Forces Appreciation month, which offers a venue for artists to bring together the best of Hollywood and the military in telling the story of the American soldier.

Producer Cheryl Ariaz Wicker states, “‘Flag of My Father’ is a highly relevant film that exposes the plight of returning war veterans. I am very proud to be a part of a film that brings awareness to their struggles.” She further notes that over 171,400 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans are afflicted with PTSD.

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