From the Vatican to Oregon, Everyone is Getting Involved to Help the Homeless During Winter

The most frequently searched prices for used vehicles are under $5,000, but price isn’t the reason the homeless population of Rome is looking into cars. The Vatican has taken action to help the homeless people of the city during the cold winter months in an unusual way.

Vehicles are being left, unlocked, outside the walls of Vatican city so that the homeless may take shelter in the warmth. In addition to this act of kindness, thermal sleeping bags have been handed out to many homeless citizens in Rome and shelters run by the Vatican are being kept open for 24 hours a day.

The Pope recently encouraged people of the Church to offer their prayers to the homeless. He urged citizens to pray for “people who live on the streets, struck by the cold and, many times, by indifference.”

Pope Francis has continually focused his efforts on the homeless during his papacy. In addition to the thermal sleeping bags and cars, he had public showers built just outside of St. Peter’s Square and has repeatedly performed acts of charity for them in mass and outside of the Vatican.

But the Pope isn’t the only person concerned for the homeless. In fact, across the globe, in a small Oregon town, another man is doing all he can to help the homeless population.

Trinidad Flores didn’t always knit hats to help others. The hobby was originally a form of therapy for his major depression, but Flores said he eventually decided to do some good with a hobby that continues to bring him comfort.

He spends his time knitting hats for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Rogue Regional and for the homeless population of his city. Over the last two years, Flores has produced approximately 1,000 hats to give to those who need them the most. He’s calling his project “Compassion Hats.”

“Really that’s what it is, compassion. Having compassion for all the others,” Flores said in an interview with KVAL News. His goal — like the Pope’s — is to help keep the homeless warm through the winter.



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