“God’s Compass” Receives Award for Best Screenplay at the 2016 International Christian Film Festival

A new film, “God’s Compass,” won the award for best screenplay at the 2016 International Christian Film Festival.

The film, starring Karen Abercrombie and TC Stallings, from 2015’s box office hit “War Room,” was released in partnership with Liberty University. The movie aired on the TV One Network and reached more than 57 million households over Easter weekend.

“I’m excited about TV One’s partnership allowing their audience the opportunity to see strong faith programming and having ‘God’s Compass’ as one of those benchmark films,” said Dave Mechem, VP Distribution Services at WTA Group. “Karen Abercrombie and TC Stallings bring a lot of credibility to our audience and this message of investing yourself into another person’s life rings true.”

“God’s Compass” is the third feature-length motion picture produced in cooperation with the Liberty University Cinematic Arts program’s Zaki Gordon Center.

“Being nominated as a film at the highest level of the faith market, and then to win the award in screenwriting, validates the incredible educational opportunity our students engage in as they go to the Cinematic Arts program at Liberty University,” said Stephan Schultze, executive director of Liberty Cinematic Arts department and writer/director of “God’s Compass.”

The movie tells the story of a retired school principal who takes in a young, delinquent boy and discovers a connection, bringing her and her son’s family together through a healing journey of renewed faith.

The film has also won the Dove Family-Approved Seal and has been endorsed by the American Family Association. Many Hollywood stars have also personally endorsed the film.

Screenwriter Dan Gordon says that the film is “a powerful, uplifting, heartfelt Christian film.” Perhaps it is this aspect of its storytelling which appeals to the masses so much — roughly 75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 27% have no savings at all, so they may find characters in similar situations more relatable.

Liberty University has established itself as the trailblazers in the Christian film department. Indeed, “No other film school in the country makes fully funded movies with its students,” Schultze said. “Liberty University’s cinema department is giving its students a tremendous gift.”



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