Gospel Singer: My Faith Has Closed So Many Professional Doors

In a time of rising persecution around the globe, Christians in America are blessed in so many ways. However, many U.S. Christians admit they are increasingly afraid that their faith is becoming more and more of a liability in the professional world.

Gospel music pioneer Kirk Franklin is speaking out about his own experiences with work and faith. As a black man, one might expect Franklin to explain how his race has limited opportunities for him. Instead, Franklin has opened up in a new Facebook post about the ways his Christian faith has closed doors for him in the entertainment community. As a gospel artist, Franklin has helped bring the gospel to mainstream audiences, but he’s also bumped up against a ceiling.

The Facebook post reads in part:

When was the last time you heard something like this preached in church…? The reality that no matter what we do or how hard we try to diversify, expand our brand, master our craft, because we carry the cross of Christ, there will be a ceiling we may hit because we are affiliated with the name Jesus. That isn’t sexy theology, the kind that makes you do laps while the organ plays, but it does help you not take it personal when you are rejected not because your presentation wasn’t dope, but because the Jewish carpenter you brought with you isn’t swaggy enough.

Today, U.S. workers, particularly younger workers, are much more likely to change jobs than in generations past. According to one human resources staffing firm, up to 53% of workers are either “open” or “looking actively” for new job prospects. But in certain industries, and this goes double for entertainment, Christians who are open about their faith are finding closed doors.

Yet Franklin urges his fans to suffer these slights with a smile on their face, rather than reacting in anger or wrath. He concludes his Facebook post with this hopeful message, “The next time you’re rejected, smile! You’re doing your job.”

The singer also points his Facebook followers to 1 John 3:1. “See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.”

Franklin’s fourth album, “Losing My Religion,” is out now.



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