ICVM Catalyst Conference – Day 2

Bart Gavigan in “The Thriller Genre”

Day 2 of the International Christian Visual Media Catalyst Conference (ICVM) was an exciting one. Lots of great seminars, including evangelist Luis Bush, writer and filmmaker Bart Gavigan, and filmmaker Bill Muir and many others. Bart Gavigan known for “End of the Spear” and “Luther,” taught on “The Thriller Genre” where he gave tips to writers on creating great characters and telling a story that creates suspense. Thriller is a genre that Christians often stay away from making because of misconceptions about the genre in the Christian community. However, Gavigan told writers, “If you have been called to the world, know that you will be an outcast. You will live the life Jesus lived.”

Tim Willson of Crown Entertainment was the lunch speaker, with the topic “Icons and Symbols” which was a very in depth historical and philosophical look at religious symbols in Christianity. He urged attendees to “Let your life be a monument of the goodness and glory of God.”

The afternoon Directors Cut was a showing of “Undaunted” by Moolit Pictures and DBM Films, a docu-drama about Josh McDowell’s childhood and sexual abuse. Unfortunately I missed that running another very important personal errand…going to the beauty shop!!! Unfortunately and fortunately, the hairdresser spilled color on my shirt so I got a discount and free product. It was an old shirt anyway so that wasn’t a bad deal. He he!

Jerry Jenkins and CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

Author Jerry Jenkins, known for the “Left Behind” Series was the keynote speaker at dinner…and then afterwards I was able to interview him for Christian Movie Connect. What an honor to meet this talented author who has written over 175 books. He also owns Jenkins Entertainment which has produced “Hometown Legend” and the award-winning movie “What If.”

Another “Popcorn Movie Night” and tonight I was able to make my own six minute presentation where I featured a Christian Movie Connect promo video as well as the 3D animated book trailer I produced for “Quest of the Keys” by Scotty Sanders. It’s great being able to share your projects and learn what everyone else is doing.

I also interviewed Chris Rogers, president of ICVM today. Of course, I offered him an interview last year but could never find him when it was time for the interview. I accused him of “hiding” from me but he assured me that was not the case! Ha ha! I enjoyed hearing the story behind ICVM from Chris who’s been a part of the organization since the beginning…and he shared about his movie “For the Glory,” which releases later this year.

Cheryl Ariaz Wicker blogging for Christian Movie Connect

Cheryl Wicker late night blogging

After the last event, I had some fun “girl time” back in the hotel room with my roommate, Fatima Eid of Crown Entertainment and our friends Marcy Grams of Blacksmith Productions, Rosie Koebele of Koebele Media and Heidi Habben of CRASH+SUES. Then on to the lobby to write my blog…

I think one of the highlights of my day just might be hanging out at 3 AM with such an illustrious group of film professionals which consisted of Brad Mix, of Crown Entertainment, music composer David Silverman, Bobby Downes of ChristianCinema.com and Echo Light Studios, Isaac Hernandez of Parables TV, Rick Garside of Side by Side Films, Chris Morrow of Echo Light Studios, and producer Kurt Tuffendsam. Conversations vary from the serious to the ridiculous at this time of the morning as Brad Mix demonstrates how to “take off his thumb!” And if you find this entertaining, all I can say is … thumbs up!


Brad Mix of Crown Entertainment with Cheryl Wicker

Brad Mix doing his thumb trick

**Photos taken by Mr. Worthington!