ICVM Catalyst Conference – Day 3

 Although my late night hours do not allow me to start my day until a bit later, each day at the International Christian Visual Catalyst Conference (ICVM) begins with prayer at 7:45 and worship and praise at 8:30!!! A bit ambitious for me!. I began the day with coffee break which led into morning seminars on production by Writer and Director of “The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone,” Bill Muir, distribution by of Vision Video and Tim Willson of Crown Entertainment, and a Scene Shop by Director Bart Gavigan. I participated in the scene shop since with a small acting role (and even got a nice critique by Bart). I was particularly impressed by Bart because for any of the attendees who spoke to him at the end of the class, he also prayed blessings over them.

The “Speed Meet”

        Today’s lunch had no speaker which was meant to give attendees more time for networking. That worked well so people networked for several hours until the “Speed Meet.” Speed Meet is where participants exchange their project ideas, business cards, trailers, demos, and headshots, etc. with six minutes for each conversation. You have to talk very fast so I keep a bottle of water handy. The good thing is you meet more people in a short amount of time then you could possibly meet on your own.

Cheryl Wicker, Rosie Koebele, Kay Gish at Sea World

The last event of the evening was dinner at Sea World and then attending the park. Although I had never attended Sea World before, I really didn’t think I would like it. However, before the night was over, I had changed my tune!!! We had a blast. I took my tour with Steve and Rosie Koebele, Kay Gish, and Gerald Wallens which included the Wild Artic. This allowed us to see an adorable polar bear and be “kissed” by a walrus (through the glass). The other fun part of this event was accidentally taking the “helicopter ride” instead of walking. We weren’t really flying but it sure felt like it…and it was one adventurous, turbulent ride. I was screaming like I was dying and kept my eyes closed most of the time. But when we decided to do it a second time, I was much braver…well, sort of braver anyway! Shamu Rocks was a spectacular event. Wow!

We arrived back to the hotel as Alex Kendrick of Sherwood Pictures (Courageous, Fireproof) was arriving…that was an unexpected surprise. I have lined up an interview with him on Christian Movie Connect for tomorrow. Now that should be fun. Alex hung out in the lobby with the late night group and was also joined by Dave Christiano of the Christiano Brothers (7th Street Theater, The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry).


Fireworks at Seaworld

**Fireworks at Seaworld and Speed Meet courtesy of Mr. Worthington.