Illinois Church Expanding Christian Preschool and Church Lobby

In Mattoon, Illinois, a Christian church is expanding its preschool program.

The Broadway Christian Church completed a 15,000-square-foot new addition to the school that has much more space for Sunday morning children’s activities and its daily Sunshine Preschool program.

During a two-year period, between 2011 and 2013, roughly 4 million kids attended preschool. These kids need plenty of space to play, learn, and roam. Expanding both the church and the preschool classroom areas will provide major benefits for children and adults who go to church.

“In general, the church was cramped on a Sunday morning,” said Ian Stamps, lead Minister of Broadway Christian Church. “It just felt really packed.”

The new addition will feature a much larger church lobby where people can host group gatherings when church is not in service. There’s even a new coffee shop within the lobby and plenty of seating and space.

The church was originally 20,000-suqare-feet, but with the significant growth in the kid’s programs over the years and more people coming to the parish, classroom and worship space has been limited, making a 15,000-square-foot addition necessary.

The Journal Gazette and Times-Courier reports that both the students and teachers at Sunshine Preschool are excited about the new additions and the possibility for more learning and studious activities.

“We love it,” said Jenny Canfield, coordinator at Sunshine Preschool. “It’s very nice.”

Now, rather than having the preschool classrooms spread out throughout the entire building like before, they are now much more centralized, which makes it much easier for all the students to gather for assemblies.

There are many benefits of a private preschool education for Christian children, including some of the best academic environments around, the ability to teach positive learning, better school discipline and safety precautions, and a strong sense of values and community.



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