Jennifer Garner Pitches in to Raise Money For School Devastated by Flood

Floods are the number one disaster in America, averaging over $3 billion in claims per year. And in the wake of severe flooding in West Virginia, actress Jennifer Garner is looking to help.

Kanawha County reported that their Herbert Hoover High School had over $12 million dollars worth of damage because of the severe floods. The market value of the school building itself stands at $17.5 million.

So in a ticketed event at the University of Charleston, Jennifer Garner was able to use her fame to bring in half a million dollars during a fundraiser for flood victims.

Garner, a member of the International Save the Children Board, was given $150,000 by the Starkey Foundation to donate to a charitable organization of her choice. She then asked for an opportunity to match that amount.

“Save,” as Garner calls it, is an organization that works to give girls and boys and healthy start, along with multiple opportunities to learn. The organization ran the fundraiser and did not collect any administration fees.

Garner, who attended high school in West Virginia, spoke at the University of Charleston about her desire to help out. Surrounded by members of her 1990 graduating class from neighboring George Washington High School, her childhood ballet teacher, family neighbors, and a librarian from her elementary school, she emphasized the importance of spreading the word about flood relief.

WSAZ3 reports Garner saying, “I am here because of the community I grew up in, and it has formed who I am through and through, and that is so important, and that is what is going to get us through. But we do need help from the outside world, and I am going to help us get it, by God; we are going to have it, by God.”

Besides being a philanthropist, Garner is a devout Christian. She was even able to transition her faith into playing a role as a concerned mother who found faith in the film, Miracles From Heaven.

Released earlier this year, Miracles tells the story of the Beam Family, and how their daughter survived a dangerous accident that seemingly cured her from her life-threatening medical condition.



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