Minister Rick Reyna Returns to Hollywood Roots with Edgy New Film

In America, there are 68 million people who are living with criminal records, but despite the odds, many reemerge from rock bottom and turn their lives around.

In Rick Reyna’s recent film The Rally LA: Breaking the Curse, Sarka Sr. (Kenneth Copeland), the head of a powerful crime family, renounces his power and returns to the old country and restores his faith in the Lord.

Reyna, who wrote and directed the film, also stars in it as himself. Along with his wife, Nettie, Rick heads an organization called “Rallys for Christ.” Their goal is to share the word of Christ and guide His children toward salvation.

In The Rally: LA Reyna does not break away from his real-life character, as he organizes a local rally, with the help of Rallys for Christ, to bring hope and faith to the community, devastated by the crime family.

Reyna turns to Sarka upon his return, as Sarka’s son, Junior (T-Bone), has no desire to renounce his birthright as the now-head of the family’s drug trafficking business. He continues to bring drugs and violence to their Los Angeles community.

Rallys for Christ must be careful, as Junior continues to threaten their efforts, because he knows that the rally will be effective in mending the destruction that his family has caused.

Rick Reyna worked as an actor in Los Angeles for years before devoting himself to the work of God. He worked as a photo double for Al Pacino, as well as appearing in two Pacino films, Heat and The Insider.

Reyna brings an edge to the silver screen that is rare to find in Christian films. He brings the genre, so well established by classics like Scarface and The Godfather trilogy to the light, for undeniable entertainment and the message that no power is more powerful than the love of God.



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