‘Miracles From Heaven’ Based on a True Story

In December of 2011, nine-year-old Annabel Beam was playing in a hollowed out tree in her family’s yard when she slipped and fell into the tree, face-first. While unconscious, the little girl reported that she spoke to Jesus first-hand, who told her that her plans on earth were not yet completed.

Meanwhile, Annabel had been suffering from pseudo-obstruction motility disorder, an incurable lifelong condition. Not only did Annabel emerge from the fall without a single scratch, but she was somehow entirely cured of her lifelong illness.

And now, Annabel’s miracle has been adapted into a film starring Jennifer Garner. The film is called “Miracles of Heaven” and is adapted from a book written by Christy Beam, Anabel’s mother.


“Miracles From Heaven” tells a fictionalized version of Annabel’s story. In the film, Anna, played by Kylie Rogers, awakens Garner’s character in the middle of the night with unbearable pain.

After countless tests, misdiagnoses, and doctor’s visits, Anna’s doctors ultimately diagnose her with pseudo-obstruction motility disorder. While 26% of Americans typically don’t pay their bills on time due to medical expenses, Anna’s family is depicted as well-off, with a pristine and privileged lifestyle.

Of course, Anna’s diagnosis sends the family into a world of hardship and confusion. But throughout the film, Anna’s mother’s strength and faith carries them through trying times.

According to The Daily Mail, Annabel Beam’s mother, Christy, thought Garner was a shoe-in for the role from day one.

“We met for the very first time and she had my book,” said Christy. “She had read the book from cover to cover, and she’d underlined and highlighted and dog-eared. She’s really sweet.”

Meanwhile, Garner’s dedication to the role is palpable, and she has nothing but praise for the Beam family.

“I was definitely inspired by who Christy is as a mom,” Garner said.

“Miracles From Heaven” is currently playing in theaters nationwide.



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