New Christian-Themed Films Premiere Just in Time for Easter

Over the next few months, we can expect to see quite a few more movies that deal with faith. In an article from New York Daily News, Ethan Sacks writes that plenty of Christian-themed films are going to be reaching the theaters by Easter: “God’s Not Dead 2,” “Risen,” “Miracles From Heaven,” and “The Young Messiah” among them. These films are expected to do very well, and we should see them connect with some wholesome families.

These films aren’t exactly the same films we have been seeing for years. They are still Christianity-driven, yes, but are covering much more topics.

In an article from Patheos, Chris Williams notes that he’s very glad to see diversity in these films. He’s excited that the Christian film industry is seemingly expanding its scope and creating many different kinds of films — not just the same faith-based drama that has been repeated over and over.

The film industry has always reflected our culture and specifically has had a strong influence on children. We probably aren’t going to see too many families walking around the supermarket in full gear from “Mad Max: Fury Road,” but some subtle changes could happen.

Yet it’s understandable that parents will want to monitor what their children watch closely. Because kids are so impressionable, it’s important to have an open discussion about what they see on the big screen.

One topic families will discuss more, once these films come out, is tattoos. Actors aren’t really hiding them anymore, and they are taking pride in their originality. In the United States, more than 20% of adults now have at least one tattoo, and that number seems to be increasing.

Meanwhile, other families had to tell their children that the latest Marvel superhero film, “Deadpool,” wasn’t for them, due to the movie’s violence, nudity, and very strong language.

Families looking for more appropriate stories with a message may find some comfort in these upcoming titles for the Easter season:

  • “Risen” — A Roman officer investigates the crucifixion.
  • “Miracles From Heaven” — A mother searches for a way to save her daughter who has a rare disease.
  • “God’s Not Dead 2” — A junior-high school teacher attends a court that could change her life.
  • “The Young Messiah” — Follows a seven-year-old Jesus Christ returning to Bethlehem with Roman assassins after him.

We can expect many more Christian-themed films in the near future, and if the success continues, even more will follow.



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