Newest Technologies Allow Christian Businesses to Give Back

The tech world is all a-flutter with Apple’s newest announcement: the iPhone 7 and 7 plus will soon be available on the market.

Although this release marks the smallest amount of design change in any iPhone generation, it’s still creating quite a buzz. These newest models sport higher quality cameras, a slightly sleeker design, and are now resistant to water and dust. The most notable change of all is that Apple decided to get rid of the headphone jack, opting instead for futuristic-looking wireless earbuds.

The way in which the announcement was made was impressive in and of itself. Apple introduced all of the features of the iPhone 7 family in a 120-second video, thus ensuring the shareable value of its newest addition.

The newest gadgets mean big business, and not just for the ultra-hip. It’s been projected that by this year, revenues of consumer electronics and appliance rentals within the U.S. will reach approximately $5.7 billion.

But there are some Christian companies who are using this technological boom to give back to the community. Trident Technology Solutions, a North Carolina-based IT company, recently made the decision to restructure their agreements with non-profit Christian companies with which they work. They will now charge only for the market cost of the products and services they provide; they will not profit from these relationships.

Trident has also provided churches with computers, projection screens, wireless Internet, and more. Additionally, the company dedicates their time to helping Christian organizations increase their technological knowledge and to revamping their overall technology plans, so that the organizations can focus on what really matters: the faith.

Although the company founders acknowledge that there’s nothing wrong with Christian businesses profiting from one another, they feel that because they are fortunate enough to be in a position to give back to the community, they see it as their personal duty to do so.



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