Off-Broadway Show Embraces Disabilities

In our current world where accepting people for their differences might seem like something that’s a little bit difficult, a new off-Broadway show is trying to help people understand.

The new show, called Addy and Uno, opens the eyes of the viewers to characters struggling with disabilities. The family-friendly show encourages playgoers to be friendly, patient, and accepting of others no matter what they are dealing with. According to LOHUD, the 50-minute puppet show is set in a school and shines a light on the lives of students struggling with multiple disabilities. The disabilities include learning disabilities and other conditions like cerebral palsy.

Uno is the play’s lead character. He is a math genius who has autism. Uno decides to enter the school’s mathematics contest with his friend’s support. One of his friends, Addy, struggles with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. His other friends include characters who are hearing and visually impaired. He also has a classmate who uses a wheelchair.

Tom D’Angora is the show’s producer. He spoke to LOHUD about the play and about disabilities.

“About one in six American children are born with a developmental disability: ADHD, autism, Cerebral Palsy, learning or intellectual disability, or hearing loss or vision impairment,” D’Angora said. “A big part of our show’s success is that it highlights some of the ways people with and without developmental disabilities can come together to form strong, diverse communities,”

The show opened back in December of 2017 and is running through early March of this year. If you’re interested in seeing the show, head to The Kirk at Theater Row in Manhattan. Shows are at noon on Saturdays and Sundays with no intermission. Tickets cost $42.25 individually or can be purchased at a group rate.

About 45% of parents of children with learning disabilities say that their child has been bullied at some point. The show’s creative team hopes to bring some understanding and light to different challenges many people are unaware of. They created the show to prove that even if someone struggles with a learning disability, that doesn’t make them any different from anyone else.



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