Remember the Goal

“Remember the Goal” is a sports film about a girls cross country team. Directed by Dave Christiano, a former high school and collegiate cross country runner, this inspirational drama presents a message about self-image and having the courage to help a friend who is struggling with issues like disobedience  or drug use.  The story follows a new female coach, just out of college, who is taking over the cross country program at a private. all-girls, Christian school. Her goal is for them to go for the prize of winning their first state title.

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“Remember the Goal” is a family friendly film starring Allee-Sutton Hethcoat, Quinn Alexis, Sydney Marks, Lacy Hartselle, Margaret Tant, McKensie Miller and Jayla Palmer. Christiano, who also wrote the film, says that he also drew on his past cross country coaching experience to lend reality to the technical side of the production. One thing that will be different is that “Remember the Goal” is coming to “theaters only” from the Christiano Brothers. Opening on August 26th in 10 southeastern states, there will be no DVD, VOD, or TV release on this movie. The movie is being planned for expansion to other states beyond that in 2017 (and 2018). There will be no DVD, VOD, or TV release on this movie. You can check Facebook for movie screening events near you or look for a theater in your area at