Christian Movie Connect Episode 24 – Phil Vischer

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Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker talks to ‘Veggie Tales’ creator Phil Vischer about his new series titled ‘What’s in the Bible?,’ a show that aims to teach children about their faith and explains the story of God’s redemption. He also talks about the great lessons he learned from the highly popular children’s show and how aspiring Christian filmmakers can heed God’s call.


2 Responses to “Christian Movie Connect Episode 24 – Phil Vischer”

  1. <path_to_url> write4iam

    Great remarks by Phil! Love the idea of finding churches or other Christian organizations to help with film funding by creating content that they would want to sponsor or use. His other point, which isn’t necessarily new, but is a great reminder, is to first create great characters and then weave a great message around them.

  2. <path_to_url> AmyDenaeHossler

    Phil Vischer, I met you eons ago, (yes that dates us both) at a Veggie Tale Premiere in Dallas. I was impacted that day by something you said that kept me from running forward ahead of God with my “big idea’! Lol! Many years later I so applaud you for your valiant resolve to truly do what you have been called to do and do it for His glory! I pray blessings on your mission and may He multiply the seeds you have sown 100-fold!