Christian Movie Connect Episode 47 – Ben Davies

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Ben Davies is no stranger to the world of entertainment appearing in his first national TV and print
ad campaign before he could even walk. A talented athlete, Ben was ranked the No.1 high school
decathlete in the 2008 by Track & Field News. In 2010, Ben was offered the coveted lead role of David
Thomson in the highly-acclaimed Sherwood Pictures film, “Courageous.”

In this interview, Davies talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about his transition from athlete to
actor as a result of a career-ending injury and the strength he received to move forward with his life.
Davies desires to be involved with projects that promote a positive, life-changing message.

In “New Hope,” Ben plays high school basketball star, Lucas Green, who lost his brother, Chase, to
suicide. When new student, Michael Evans (Samuel Davis), comes to town, joins the basketball team and
begins to date Chase’s girlfriend, Jasmine Stone (Perry Frost), Lucas is forced to face his personal issues
and deal with his brother’s death.

“New Hope” is the story of relational connection, restoration and hope in God. “New Hope,” released on
DVD on October 9, 2012.

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