Christian Movie Connect Episode 70 – Brian Wells

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Brian Wells is the Director of Creative Development for Flyover Studios, a production company dedicated to creating great family, prime-time television entertainment. Prior to his assignment with Flyover, Brian worked with Brand Management at Procter & Gamble. He also helped start Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio which has now grown to over 15,000 weekly attendees. While at Crossroads, Brian created and led their mission to combat child trafficking and exploitation in South Asia and the U.S. As a film producer, Brian has led the development of a variety of film projects such as “Secrets of the Mountain”, “A Walk in My Shoes”, and his newest film, “Return to Nim’s Island” produced for Walden Family Theater on the Hallmark Channel.

In this interview, Wells talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about his new film, “Return to Nim’s Island” and his role in the development of Walden Family Theater, a new project focusing on quality, family entertainment exclusively featured on the Hallmark Channel.

Walden Family Theater is a new Friday-night, family entertainment lineup created in partnership by Walmart, Procter & Gamble, Walden Media and ARC Entertainment. It represents a shared commitment to provide television audiences with premium content suitable for all ages. Walden Family Theater debuts on the Hallmark Channel in March 2013 with the premiere of “Return to Nim’s Island”, the sequel to the successful 2008 feature, “Nim’s Island”.

To view the trailer of “Return to Nim’s Island” for Walden Family Theater, click here. To know more about Walden Family Theater, visit