Christian Movie Connect Episode 82 – Christy Sutherland

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Texas native and award-winning singer-songwriter, ChristySutherland, has spent more than a decade in Nashville in the country music scene. During that time, she garnered two major-label country recording contracts, a staff writing position for one of the biggest publishing companies on Music Row, and multiple appearances on the Grand Ole Opry. Great family ties also follow Christy as the daughter-in-law of country music legend, Barbara Mandrell. In 2004, her song “Freedom”, made the Hot Country Songs charts and in 2012, “Greater Still”, won the AMG Heritage Award for song of the year. For her latest project, Christy appeared in the film, “Inspiration Pop 2929” which premiered in Nashville in the spring of 2013.

In this interview, Sutherland talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about her role in the movie, how she prepared for it, as well as other characters and the relationships that she developed with her co-stars.

“Inspiration Pop 2929” is a family film with a musical heart set in a fictional Southern town that follows a diverse cast of characters as they struggle to overcome hardship and in doing so find fulfillment in unexpected ways.

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