CMC #102 – CMA Day 2 – Stephen Baldwin interview

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Before the closing session of the CMA National Convention,  Christian Movie Connect host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, had an opportunity to have a sit down interview with closing session keynote speaker, Stephen Baldwin, to talk about movies and more.  A born-again Christian, Baldwin is passionate about his faith in Jesus and finding ways of reaching out to share it with others. He discussed his career, his faith and his newest humanitarian effort, Saint’s Forts.

Movies he has coming up include Tapestry, To the Wall (with Kevin Downes, David A.R. White) and Hoovey. There are also producing and directing projects Baldwin has lined up along with a new consulting company he has recently formed in wake of all of the independent faith-based films being made today, Quanception. We also talked for a minute about mutual friend, Christopher Shawn Shaw, who along with Stephen and Thor Ramsey, are working on a Christian comedy, Youth Group.

Things then became more serious when we turned to a humanitarian ministry he has become partnered with recently…Saints Forts. Baldwin is involved with those in missionary work, including those rescuing Christians from countries where they are being beheaded daily because of their faith. By providing FORTS (Fold-Out Rigid Temporary Shelters), a sturdy unit can be folded out in minutes to provide a shelter in all  types of emergency and temporary situations–from disaster relief, missions, military and other evacuation situations. For more information, go to