CMC #107 – David Mullins

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Cheryl Ariaz Wicker spoke with producer David Mullins in 2014 before the release of the film about his brother, Christian musician Rich Mullins. “Ragamuffin” (Color Green Films with Kid Brothers of St. Frank Co), written by Ashley Phillips and writer/director David Schultz, stars Michael Koch as Rich. The film is not a strict biography, but is based on Mullin’s life and has a compilation of several relevant events that give the viewer a glimpse into this brilliant, yet troubled, artist. A nonconformist and rebel in many ways, Mullins embraced that Jesus loved all of him, even the broken parts. The title of the film, as well as Rich’s band, was inspired by a book by Brennan Manning, “The Ragamuffin Gospel.” As a side note, David Schultz currently has a movie about Brennan Manning in development.

“Ragamuffin” is available on DVD and Netflix. You may also get a Movie License to show the film at your church. For more info, go the film’s website at