CMC #108 – Chad Gundersen

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Producer Chad Gundersen of Gundersen Entertainment talked with CMC’s Cheryl Ariaz Wicker after a meeting of the Dallas chapter of Christian Media Association. Chad had several projects he was working on at the time. “The Redemption of Henry Myers” has been shown on the Hallmark Channel many times and is now available on DVD in several retail outlets. This film stars Drew Waters and Erin Bethea.

“Owlegories” is an animated series based on the popular Owlegories interactive storybook app. Owlegories helps kids learn about God using allegories, analogies and metaphors using both the Bible and things found in nature. You can watch “Owlegories” online at

Chad is also a producer for “Hoovey,” a film currently being shown in congregations around the US. The film starring Patrick Warburton, Lauren Holly, and Cody Linley as high school basketball player Eric “Hoovey” Elliott. The movie is based on a real family whose life is turned upside down when the son is diagnosed with a brain tumor, and is ultimately a tale of triumph over adversity. The Elliot family learn that God can see them safely through anything.

“Unlimited” with Fred Thompson and Robert Amaya is one of the next movies due to be released. To find out more of Chad’s past, present, and future projects, you can like the Gundersen Entertainment Facebook page and check out his website at