CMC #88 – Patricia Heaton talks about “Mom’s Night Out”

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Actress Patricia Heaton, widely known for her role in “Everybody Loves Raymond” as Debra Barone, and currently starring in ABC’s “The Middle”, has had multiple Emmy Award nominations and a double Emmy win for Leading Actress in a Comedy Series. She studied acting in New York and made her Broadway debut in “Don’t Get God Started”, but was noticed in Los Angeles while appearing in a production of “The Johnstown Vindicator.” From there she moved into television roles and films such as “Beethoven” and “Space Jam”.


Patricia Heaton and CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

Patricia Heaton and CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker

In this interview, Heaton talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, in a “walk and talk” interview at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, about her television roles and her role in film, “Mom’s Night Out”.


Mom’s Night Out” is about a few friends who need to dress up and get out of the house for a couple of hours. With their husbands watching the kids for three, they are ready for a worry-free night. This is a family-friendly comedy celebrating the ups and downs of parenting.


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