CMC #95 – Bob Russell

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Bob Russell, author and retired pastor of Southeast Christian Church, had not considered becoming an actor when approached to participate in a film project by Shane Sooter (City on a Hill Productions), but it was an easy crossover to make. Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) commissioned City on a Hill Productions to make a film based on the theme of how people cope with pain and their reaction to tragedy in their lives as part of a television program. Originally asked to do the teaching material that would accompany the film, Sooter thought the role of the pastor would be a natural fit for Russell and a perfect transition into the study material.

The film is “Acts of God” and it asks the question, “Why would a loving and powerful God allow suffering and pain if He can stop it?” It begins with a crisis due to a collision that takes the life of a child. Several people find their lives intertwined by the accident and each is coping with hard questions from their personal stories. As each of them struggle with questions, doubt, and bitterness, threads of hope and faith bind them together with a new strength and belief that there is more than what we see on our own. Pastor Russell uses these stories and offers insight by sharing the story of Joseph to show God’s greater purpose in tragedy.

“Acts of God” is available on DVD, plus there are small group resources and a book written by Russell. Find all the information you need at