CMC #96 – Scotty Curlee

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Earlier this year, CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, spoke with actor/producer/director and Liberty University faculty member, Scotty Curlee, about several projects he is currently working on. “77 Chances” (referred to as “Letting Go” in this interview) is about a guy (Andrew Cheney) who repeats a day 77 times until he finally realizes the lesson he was supposed to learn. This movie also stars Rachel Hendrix and Erin Bethea. Curlee is one of the producers of this film, plus has the role of Phillip.

Another film that is currently in post-production is “Altar Egos”, a comedy about a church that struggles with a younger preacher’s innovative ideas. When he, with the help of his son, changes his appearance to look older, the reaction of the congregation changes.. Starring Robert Amaya, Erin Bethea, and Victoria Jackson, Curlee once again takes on the dual positions of actor and producer. “Altar Ego” is the writing and directorial debut of Sean Morgan.

“Altar Egos” is the project that students from Liberty University Cinematic Arts are involved with this year. This innovative program permits Juniors and Seniors the opportunity to work on a full length feature film, gaining much needed experience to go out into their own filmmaking careers. Only a couple of years old, this program gives them real-world experience within a Christian framework. Each graduate will have a completed screenplay, a short film they have written and directed, a business plan for marketing and funding, plus a film credit from the feature film they worked on.