CMC # 97 – Tracy Trost

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Filmmaker Tracy Trost (“A Christmas Snow”, “The Lamp”) talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about a couple of his more recent projects, including “77 Chances” (formerly titled “Letting Go”). This movie, involving Liberty University filmmaking students, is about a man who repeats the same day until he learns his intended lesson. It stars Andrew Cheney, Erin Bethea, and Rachel Hendrix.

One of the recent short films Trost made, “Carry Me”, was based on a story that had gone viral on Facebook about a man who plans on leaving his wife of 30 years for his mistress. The wife’s only request was for him to first, “Carry me from the bedroom to the front door for the next 30 days.” This short film has proven to be equally as popular as the Facebook posting. You can see the short here: Carry Me.

Tracy & I also discussed where he gets his ideas for movies and his podcast, The Successful Life Mindset, where he encourages you to live your life to its greatest potential. The website is . For more on his movies, go to Trost Moving Pictures.

You can also see a previous interview I had with Tracy at CMC #27 – Tracy Trost