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CMC #105 – Alan Powell
Christian Movie Connect host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, had an opportunity to speak with Alan Powell earlier about his leading role in the Richard Ramsey film, "The Song".
Christian Movie Connect Episode 15 – Torry Martin
Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker engages Christian comedian extraordinaire Torry Martin in a brief chat about the prolific writer and teacher’s current projects, ranging from screenwriting workshops to writing screenplays for upcoming movies, to name a few.
Christian Movie Connect Episode 49 – Alex Kendrick
Georgia native, Alex Kendrick, has become the “face” for the faith-based film industry. Along with his brother Stephen, Alex founded Sherwood Pictures, a production company specializing in storytelling from a Christian perspective. Sherwood Pictures has produced the successful films,...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 85 – Jackie Stewart
In this interview, Jackie Stewart talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about his career in the entertainment industry and what drew him to his role in “Inspiration Pop 2929.”
Christian Movie Connect: Episode 34 – Isaac Hernandez
Isaac Hernandez is the general manager for The Parables Network, an entertainment Christian network that features movies, documentaries, specials, comedy specials, and so much more. Isaac, who has over 30 years experience in the Christian broadcasting industry, talks with...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 60 – Larry Poland
Ohio native, Larry Poland, has made media a key part of his life since the late 1970’s. For 18 years, he hosted a daily radio feature, “The Mediator,” which aired on hundreds of radio stations. Larry is the founder, chairman,...
CMC #95 – Bob Russell
Pastor Bob Russell chats with Christian Movie Connect host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about his acting debut on the film "Acts of God". He has also written a book to go along with it, as well as a sermon series...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 73 – Gary Zelasko
Gary Zelasko is the Director of Marketing for Harvest Ministries, one of the largest and most influential outreach ministries in the U.S. With nearly 30 years of media experience, Gary has served in a variety of capacities including CEO...
CMC #106 – Mark Cochran
Mark Cochran talks with Christian Movie Connect host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about his short film, "First Do No Harm."
Christian Movie Connect Episode 17 – Michael Flaherty
Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker talks to Walden Media co-founder and president Michael Flaherty about one of the company’s highly popular films, including “The Chronicles of Narnia,” and how the film company is trying to meet fans’...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 50 – Bart Gavigan
A native of the U.K., Bart Gavigan is known in Hollywood as, “The Script Doctor,” with the gift to look at film projects – both small and great and analyze what they need to be more successful. As a...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 86 – Regina McCrary
In this interview, Regina McCrary talks with CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about the various ways in which God has used her gifts to bless others through the entertainment industry.