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ICVM 2011 Sneak Peek with Christian Movie Connect
From the 2011 International Christian Visual Media Catalyst Conference with Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker. Man-on-the-street interviews with Gary Moore, Rosie Koebele, and Isaac Hernandez. Videography by Jeffrey Worthington.
Christian Movie Connect Episode 19 – Paul Lauer
Christian Movie Connect’s Cheryl Ariaz Wicker interviews Motive Entertainment president Paul Lauer and his thoughts about the growing popularity of faith-based films in Hollywood and how filmmakers are becoming open in “allowing faith and God into the fabric of...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 3 – Gideon Film Festival Day 1
“Pitching Hope” is the story of a young, female college student forced to compete in an underground, high stakes game of horseshoes to win back her tuition money. “Pitching Hope” features film newcomer, Joni Adahl (Samantha Moreno), versatile actor...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 8 – Devon Franklin
Film executive and author, DeVon Franklin, is the Vice President of Production for Sony Pictures Entertainment-Columbia Pictures division. He has worked on such films as “The Pursuit of Happyness,” “21,” “Pink Panther 2” and many others. DeVon was formerly...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 24 – Phil Vischer
Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker talks to ‘Veggie Tales’ creator Phil Vischer about his new series titled ‘What’s in the Bible?,’ a show that aims to teach children about their faith and explains the story of God’s...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 26 – New Hope premiere
Join host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker as Christian Movie Connect takes you to the red carpet premiere of the faith-based movie "New Hope" starring Ben Davies (the rookie cop in "Courageous" by Sherwood Pictures). Experience the excitement and glamor of...
Christian Movie Connect Episode 51 – Rusty Whitener
Nashville-based, Rusty Whitener, is an expert in topics relevant to popular culture ranging from entertainment to spirituality. He studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City, and has worked in professional theatre shows throughout...
CMC #92 – Brad Stine
Brad Stine, co-star and associate producer of "Persecuted", talks to CMC host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, about the film and how Christians can make an impact on our culture.
Christian Movie Connect Episode 40 – Bob Higley
Bob Higley, Vice President of Marketing at TBN and also a co-leader of Christian Media Association (CMA) is interviewed by CMC host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker at a meeting of the CMA in Dallas. He shares about the background of...
CMC #90 – Francine Locke
For this interview, Francine Locke talks to CMC host Cheryl Wicker about her acting career, including her recent starring role in "Stand Your Ground".
CMC #105 – Alan Powell
Christian Movie Connect host, Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, had an opportunity to speak with Alan Powell earlier about his leading role in the Richard Ramsey film, "The Song".
Christian Movie Connect Episode 16 – Lance McAlindon
Lance McAlindon of Walmart’s P&G Family Movie Night shares with Christian Movie Connect host Cheryl Ariaz Wicker his thoughts about how Family Movie Night is changing the face of family movie entertainment and how it is offering families quality...