Wicker and DeBlieux speak at Louisiana Christian Film Meetup

Cheryl-Wicker-speaking-at-meetupI was honored to be invited by Susie Labry to speak along with Angie DeBlieux at the Louisiana Christian Film Industry Meetup on Sunday, April 3, 2011. The meeting was held at the Coco Bamboo Pizzeria and I really must say the pizza was fabulous!

Angie and I drove down from Monroe a bit early that day so that I could audition for a series of short faith-based films to be produced by Mary Ann Sadler. Angie was only along for the ride but she was sort of forced to audition as well. (It’s dangerous hanging around me…you never know what you might end up doing!). It was a lot of fun though.

I spoke at the meeting about how I got started in media. After sharing my own personal story, I shared tips on personal branding and self-promotion. Angie also spoke briefly about her experience in the industry and then took questions about various aspects of filmmaking, particularly in her main area of expertise of finance. It was a very receptive audience and lots of great connections were made.

A special thanks to some of my special friends for coming out to hear me speak: acting coach Veleka Gray, writer/producer Shan DeGruy and actor Chuck Rooney for coming out to hear me speak. Veleka Gray, Angie DeBlieux and I had a late night breakfast at IHOP following the meeting (Veleka’s favorite restaurant…I can’t hardly go to IHOP without thinking of Veleka!!!)

You can view a clip from Cheryl Wicker’s speech by clicking here.

You can view a clip from Angie DeBlieux’s speech by clicking here. (Sorry for all the camera movement…that was my bad!)


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